Ag Growth Summit - Poultry Sector Breakout Session

Following the 2016 Governor’s Summit on Agricultural Growth, the Kansas poultry industry received attention by groups outside of the state who also see growth potential. Within four months of the Summit, a business development site consultant made contact regarding this agriculture sector. This inbound communication was the beginning of active development for statutes and regulations that define and support growth of the Kansas poultry industry.

To realize the potential growth in the poultry industry, key Kansas partners must continue to provide input and discussion to develop a long-term growth strategy. Efforts are being made to increase public education, industry outreach, and active collaboration between public and private stakeholders. This cooperative effort toward investment in the poultry strategic growth plan will result in long-term success for the poultry industry in Kansas.

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Day: 08/03/2020
Start Time: 2:00pm
Anticipated End Time: 4:00pm
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