DATE CHANGE: Kansas 911 Coordinating Council - NG911 Annual 2019 Council Security Committee & AT&T Security Review

  • The NG911 Annual 2019 Council Security Committee & AT&T Security Review

    Date:  November 14, 2019  (Previously set for November 5th)

    Location: Fire Station #38 - 1010 N. 143rd St E, Wichita, KS 

    Time:  10:00AM – 1:00PM

    If unable to attend in person the web conference bridge is:



    2019 Technical Accomplishments

                -ESInet PSAP’s Fully Deployed

                -Hosted PSAP’s up to 94

                -Launched New Mapping Product

                            -Rapid Deploy to Replace Vesta Locate

     2019 Network Change Elements:

                -Rapid Deploy Designed and Deployment Beginning

                -Call Logging I3 IP Interface (bi-directional communication between recorder and Vesta)

    Summarize AT&T 2017 Security Audit

                -AT&T/Partners Provided Final Assessment Reponses

    -Distributed to Security Committee7/22/19

                -Must Turn Attention to Next Audit

    Audit cycle recommendations

    -3 Year External Audit Cycle,

    -Annual Security on-site meeting (November)

    -Next Audit Due 2020

                -Discuss AT&T Audit Proposal

                            Internal Audit

                            External Audit

    -Other etc

    New External IP Connectivity to Vesta Option Discussion, Future:

    -SIP integration of administrative phone systems




    Open Discussion Topics;



Day: 11/14/2019
Start Time: 10:00am
Anticipated End Time: 1:00pm
The end time listed for this meeting is an approximate length of its likely duration for calendaring purposes only. For more information please contact the agency listed below.


Wichita, KS
1010 N. 143rd Street E

Fire Station # 38 Or via web-conference at

Contact Information:

Gayle Schwarzrock

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