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Ag Growth Summit - Agricultural Technology Sector Breakout Session

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Agricultural technology is a growing field, and Kansas is home to many agricultural technology companies that vary widely in their size and specialization.

Potential exists for new, innovative ideas to take root in Kansas and develop into successful businesses. Advances in technology that reduce costs and increase productivity will be key to longterm agricultural growth in Kansas. Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) technology in particular is increasingly important as farmers and ranchers work to implement precision technologies into their management practices. A strong agriculture culture positions Kansas as an excellent area for development.

The agricultural technology industry offers huge potential for growth, with unlimited possibilities. To foster this potential will require ongoing input and discussion among key partners as a long-term strategy for growth is developed to guide the industry. Many current resources that encourage business growth could be directed toward agricultural technology companies. A strategic growth plan created out of collaborative efforts from both public and private stakeholders will be key in the growth of this industry.

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